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The Turning Point was born out of one man’s vision to give to others that which he himself received.  If it weren’t for the care, kindness and guidance together with the detoxification expertise he was introduced to, many doubt he would be with us today.  The Turning Point now has their very own caring and team to pass these protocols and programme on to you.

The info in this video was correct at time of filming, The Turning Point is now considered a Social Detox and the Doctor & Nurse are employed on a contractual basis.

Our Mission

To provide a safe, comfortable environment to help people begin their recovery from addiction. A clinical treatment facility that focuses on the detoxification and rehabilitation from addictive substances, tailored to the individual needs of each guest. To lead New Zealand in the rehabilitation of the disease of addiction and further offer ongoing support plans to live a happy, fulfilled life free from drugs & alcohol.

“At the bottom of every person’s dependency, there is always pain, Discovering the pain and healing it is an essential step in ending dependency.”
— Chris Prentiss, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

The detox process

The detox and rehabilitation process is tailored for each guest. The duration of stay is determined based on the needs of the individual, following the initial medical and clinical assessment.

Detoxification is the first process on the path to recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. The goal at The Turning Point is to safely support the guest with the correct treatment to address the withdrawal symptoms, leaving the guest free from discomfort.

Our detox programmes offer the following components:

  • Assessments:
    We carry out a medical, clinical and physic assessment to determine the current condition of the guest and obtain an accurate diagnosis.
  • Personalized Recovery Plan:
    Based on the initial assessments, our team will meet with the guest to create a personalized detox plan that consists of four phases;
    • Phase 1: Evaluation

    • Phase 2: Detox and Stabilization

    • Phase 3: Case Management & Education

    • Phase 4: Discharge Planning & Relapse Prevention


  • Monitored Treatment:
    Throughout the detox process, the guest is closely monitored 24/7 with personal attention from our experienced staff.
  • Warm & Inviting Environment:
    Many guests who choose to proceed with an alcohol or drug detox prefer the intimate comfort and privacy offered at The Turning Point. Our recently refurbished facility in Auckland offers a homely environment with modern kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, sparkling bathrooms and amenities.  Our charming Centre provides relaxing outdoor areas to enhance peaceful healing - the perfect place for your rejuvenation back to wellness.

Holistic Wellness

Addiction is a disease that effects the body, mind and soul. We offer a range of holistic care to help your journey to recovery a little easier.

join in meditation

Meditation plays a specifically valuable role in the lives of people in recovery. We offer meditation daily and guests are free to join in if they choose.

join in Yoga

We have an in-house yoga instructor who provides weekly classes, focusing on light stretching and restorative techniques.


Living in addiction, our bodies become depleted of essential nutrients to function effectively. Our Nutritionist, works with your dietary needs to provide you with the best food to fuel your body, mind and soul during your stay. We have a daily delivery of the freshest natural foods available, with lots of delicious treats to make sure you won't go hungry.

Counseling + Mentoring

Addiction is a disease of the mind, with our DAPAANZ Registered Counselors and Specialised Staff, we provide you with a new knowledge base and a new set of mind/thought processes. These skills once applied, on a daily basis, create new brain chemical pathways to help with your change to a better life.  At The Turning Point we know that one addict helping another is at the core of recovery, our holistic approach to recovery is about connection and support from other recovered addicts.

Our unique approach is holistic – encompassing the medical, the clinical and the spiritual.

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