You saved my life - Phillipa

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart - you saved my life!

When I first found out about The Turning Point, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be sitting here a few months later on day 30 of sobriety. Since being here I've learnt things about myself that are and will continue to heal my soul. I was a mess when I arrived and I now feel truly strengthened. I'm not cured but you have shown me the tools I need to maintain my sobriety. I am so extremely grateful for the effort and energy you have all put into me, I will feel like a new person!

My Time At The Turning Point - Anonymous, 28

I came to The Turning Point completely broken. I have tried recovery before but could never seem to feel happy, clean & sober. I needed medical detox. I rang multiple facilities to be told that they would ring me back on Monday or there was over a month waitlist to get in. Pete picked me up that night and took me straight to The Turning Point. I feel he saved my life that Sunday. I woke up the next day feeling very at home. I was introduced to the 12 step programme & met lots of very inspirational people. My attitude towards sober life changed & at 29 I finally feel like I’m learning how to live clean and sober and can now enjoy life. Without The Turning Point I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. I still visit regularly and am always welcomed. I feel like once a part of The Turning Point family you are always a part of the family.

Things I am Grateful For - Janie, 29

  • Admitting that alcohol is stronger than me.

  • Blessed to have the love and support of  Shane, my children, Sarah & Tom, & my family.

  • So very grateful for being at 'The Turning Point'.

  • Blessed to be currently surrounded by warmth, honesty & Integrity.

  • Grateful to have guidance, love & support from some of the "House guests" & all of the carers.

  • Blessed that divine intervention lead me to The Turning Point.

  • Grateful & blessed that Peter, literally saved my life.

  • Grateful that my 'false mask' is starting to slip off.

  • Grateful that as of today I am 5 days sober. 

  • Grateful that today, I have found my "Home Group".

  • Grateful that I can now look in the mirror and see clear eyes and not bloodshot eyes.

There Was Only One Option - Catherine, 54

When I was at the mercy of alcohol, I knew there was only one option - to seek help from someone who knows something about what it is, this disease, this killer that was hurting not only me but my family aswell.

By the time I hit this low point I had already done rehab - twice.  Tried on my own to get this under 'control' but there was never very much control as I always ended up right back where I didn't want to be - drunk or hungover, longing for another drink that would help me feel better.  Hiding alcohol, disposing of bottles, living a secret dependent useless life that was a cycle of drink, sleep, try to work, drink, sleep.

When I rang for help I got an immediate response - kindness, understanding and someone to pick me up, help dust me off, talk to me kindly and people who understood me - more than I understood myself.  They could see what I was going through and they really did understand the path and the journey.  I guess they also knew what I had to go through to get sober - the 9 months of lovely sobriety that I have today I owe to the people who helped me accept my alcoholism.

The Turning Point was my third attempt at recovery and finally I was ready to listen and learn from people (now friends) who got it. Getting me sober was their first job as I entered "half cut" and had to continue to sip on the bottle over the first evening until they could get me to a doctor to safely detox.  Not everyone (including me) understands how dangerous it is to sober up without medical help. Withdrawing from alcohol can be more dangerous than coming off heroin.

It was only with the kindness, compassion and truly lovely people at The Turning Point that helped me finally find my ‘Turning Point' to say to myself "shut up and listen" and then with help and guidance I decided it was time to change my life, turn around and start to enjoy a sober life.  I had to stop fighting and admit that AA and sticking with people in sobriety was the only way I could make this work and start to actually enjoy life again.  Now I have a sober life and it is better than the sick and lonely life that was propped up by a bottle.  Today is a good day, Today I am sober.

The Turning Point - Terry, 40

I stood at the turning point, frightened and scared

The mighty decision, was all that I feared

I looked for support, none was to be found

Only two separate tracks, lay there on the ground.


One seemed so simple, like the way I had come

No turning was needed, I just had to run

Downhill it was, and breakneck the pace

The outcome was sure—a dark gloomy place.


Then I turned to the other way, narrow and straight

And fear filled my being, resentment and hate

It seemed to go upward, to a far better place

But did I have to turn? - Oh what a disgrace!


At the start of the road was a crevasse of fear

A host of unknowns, and nobody there

I looked up for answers—oh what should I do?

I hadn't the courage to see either way through.


Then a voice from above whispered sweet in my ear

Yes you can do it, there's no need to fear

Make the turn, make the change, I'm sure it is best.

You leap in faith, and ill do the rest.


So I turned on that day, to a power more than me

I so fully surrendered, I gave him the key

I jumped the ravine, to walk in his will

And count on his nearness, over every hill.


And Today I look back, with thanks on that place

Where God in his goodness, showered his grace

He was there at the turning point, being my friend

And He’ll stay there beside me, right till the end


And I'm thankful to say, on this straight narrow way

God never leaves me, he's there every day

Showered with blessings, and grace to get through

I certainly hope you find this way too.

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